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What I would love for kids to know - more than anything else - is how important your thoughts are.

By learning to mold your thoughts, I believe you can change your life into one that you feel excited about and love each day. For the past 15 or so years, I have learned oceans about the power of thoughts, action and persistence. How wonderful it would be for kids to understood the significance of this at a young age.

Book 2 - Molly Jo Daisy: "We Have to Move"

In "Molly Jo Daisy: Not Giving Up" you will read about nine year old Molly Jo Daisy who learns that her family is going to move because her dad's job is changing. They are not moving down the street or across town, but to a different state!

While her heart and brain go into an immediate tailspin, Molly Jo confides in her Grandma and learns that moving need not be something to dread. In fact, it can be a grand adventure. Molly Jo Daisy book cover Molly Jo Daisy book cover

Molly Jo thinks about all the things that she will miss when she moves: the house that she loves, her best friend Melissa, her school, and her town. And she learns about packing boxes, getting the house ready to show, and working through her sad feelings.

Molly Jo and her Grandma begin to explore about the new state where they will be moving, Maine. Molly Jo gets excited about the new fun stuff they have in Maine like snow days, and the northern lights.

The book ends with Molly Jo realizing that moving might be ok and she is excited about all the things that await her and her family in Maine.

Book 1 - Molly Jo Daisy: "Not Giving Up"

In "Molly Jo Daisy: Not Giving Up" you will read about nine year old Molly Jo Daisy who gets super frustrated when things get a little tough. But she is not giving up. Her Grandma nudges her and sets her straight onto a path that leads to a little miracle. Molly Jo Daisy book cover Molly Jo Daisy book cover Molly Jo shows kids the importance of not giving up even when the going gets rough. When challenged by her teacher to achieve a dream, Molly Jo encounters bumps along the way.

Kids will learn from Molly Jo's multi-generational family the value of working with your family to seek solutions. Molly's Grandma, with her old-fashioned values, is Molly Jo's greatest cheer leader and confidante. And when Molly Jo enlists the help of her family, she found they were willing to pitch in.

Molly Jo is like any ordinary kid and she uses the power of persistence to push through and reach her goal - and more. She's an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve something in their lives, big or small.

Most of us know how fun is it to get excited at the prospect of achieving something awesome. Yet, we also know how quickly that excitement can diminish when the work begins. Molly Jo experiences this firsthand.